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Quality standards

f-bb conducts research into vocational training in Germany and other European countries and makes the results of this available to the interested public, in order to promote academic and policy dialogue concerning vocational continuing education and promote development of the theoretical, empirical and methodological foundations of research into vocational education. f-bb’s work includes advising on educational policy, management and practice, and working towards strengthening its professional cooperation.

The institute is not primarily focussed on economic goals. As a research institution, f-bb is committed to the validity, implementability and transferability of the results of its research. Its research services meet professional and methodological standards. The results of f-bb’s research are, with the agreement of its clients, made available to the public (by means of books, journal articles, web publications etc.).

Our quality standards are designed to encourage competence, research- and customer orientation, responsible action, flexibility, innovation and reliability. These are supported by a quality management system. Since the start of 2006, f-bb has been certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 by Certqua GmbH. Our aims are to optimise internal work processes and organisational structures for the purposes of continual improvement, to overcome recognised weaknesses and sources of errors in a sustainable way and to ensure that our work meets the highest possible standards of quality.

Our staff are familiar with our quality policy and fundamental goals. These are integrated into our annual target setting process. The implementation and efficacy of our quality policy are regularly and comprehensively checked in the course of our reporting procedures.

Quality in continuing education - Wuppertaler Kreis

The Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training (f-bb) gGbmH is a member of the Wuppertaler Kreis e.V. Federal Association for Continuing Vocational Training. The Wuppertaler Kreis is the umbrella organization of the educational facilities of german economy. Its members have bound themselves to a high quality standard. It assures the exchange of experiences and is the stakeholder of educational service-providers linked to economic interests. You can get more information about the Wuppertaler Kreis at the website www.wkr-ev.de.