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Life-long learning will play an increasingly important role in the future for individuals, society and the economy. The importance of educational consultancy lies in the contribution which it can make to the systematic orientation of continuing education. When advising individuals, the aim is to help them to take responsibility for shaping their work biographies; when advising firms, the aim is to achieve forward-looking personnel development and qualification strategies. Providing educational consultancy to companies is central to f-bb’s activities. The development of stable support structures for qualification consultancy is of importance above all to small and medium-sized companies.

f-bb analyses processes, structures and institutions when providing advice on qualifications. It contributes to the professionalisation of training consultancy, including with regards to the issues of quality assurance and cost-effectiveness of continuing education which are so important for companies investing in training. Efficiency analysis looks at ways to shape training consultancy in an efficient and effective way.

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zbw - Centre of continuing vocational training management
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QuASS - Quality Assurance
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AdysTrain - Train the Trainers for the Dyslexic Work World
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IMODE - Consulting tools for skills training in the low-tech and small and medium sized business sector
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